• We work with Eperflex in perfect complementarity with our strategy and our internal retargeting campaigns. Eperflex allows us to address a much wider, and above all a qualified target audience, which translates into excellent performance. Campaign optimization is constant and ensures a personalized follow-up.
    Margot Pugin-Marien
    CRM Project Manager
  • In search of optimizations and a permanent Test & Learn logic to improve performance, we quickly came to a true relationship of trust. We are very satisfied with the responsiveness and flexibility of the Eperflex teams and the follow-up on our campaigns: we therefore recommend without hesitation the work of Eperflex.
    Armando Pastor
    Head of Marketing
  • Eperflex is a perfect complement to our traffic generation solutions, with an above-average reach rate.
    A real bonus to retarget our audience and a great value added on our sector where the Internet users can take several days / weeks to finalize their reservation.
    Alexandra Siahou
    Head of Digital Marketing
  • Our partnership with Eperflex is sustainable. Their support and expertise in the field of email retargeting allows us to optimize our campaigns on a daily basis and to meet our annual objectives. Flexible and constantly evolving, the solution allows for regular tests and best meets the expectations and changes of our needs.
    Marion Marescaux
    Head of e-commerce

What our customers think of us

  • We have been using the Eperflex solution for many years and are very satisfied. We can send commercial offers by email to customers not listed in our databases and these offers being very personalized the ROI is very superior to what we get with the classic emailing solutions. Best of all, the support team is very responsive!
    Karim Khouider
  • Eperflex's Email Retargeting solution has been able to provide an answer to our acquisition and loyalty issues. It allows us to retarget hot prospects who visit the site for the purpose of converting them, while finding the right balance between costs and sales. The various scenarios which are set up according to the behavior of the user and his level of intention prove to be a very effective strategy to significantly improve the opening rates and click rates of our campaigns. It is the relevance of the proposed offer that makes the difference.
    Anne Laudet
    CRM / Acquisition Officer
  • We know that abandoning a basket is one of the major problems for any e-merchand. There can be many reasons for this abandonment. The Eperflex solution thanks to its email retargeting module offers a second chance to seduce the user and to try a renewed commitment on his part especially when we have no information about his identity because his email has not been filled beforehand.

    Thanks to Eperflex, we have been able to rework users who have visited our website, have started a purchase process without finishing it and are unknown to us. This allowed us to recover buyers and thus increase our conversion rate. Another strong point of the solution: its relevance. We are interested here in an audience already well engaged and we offer the products that really meet an interest.
    Floriane Raillat
    E-marketing Project Manager
  • Eperflex is today a major lever in our omni-channel marketing strategy. This email retargeting solution allows us to put in place advanced recruitment scenarios and increase our sales volume while keeping costs under control. The control of the campaign is simple and efficient thanks to a dedicated and specific accounting service. Eperflex fully meets our ROI objectives
    Briac Le Dur
    Media and Data Marketing Manager
  • Eperflex's email retargeting solution is a significant part of Bayard Jeunesse's digital strategy. It allows us to optimize our conversion rate on visits that would potentially be lost without this email "restart".
    This simple and relevant solution remains very profitable and more efficient than an ordinary emailing campaign.
    It should be noted that the teams are very responsive and attentive to our needs.
    Catarina Ferreira
    Digital Marketing Project Manager
  • Thanks to the Eperflex solution, we were able to contact visitors who were not in our database. The email channel is very suitable for us. First, it perfectly matches the expectations of our target customers. Second, it can be considered much less intrusive than the retargeting display that will create the feeling that the user is pursued in his private browsing.
    Antoine Dupin
    Traffic Manager
  • We have been working with Eperflex for over a year and we are very satisfied with the performances and the support. Campaigns are regularly optimized for the best results.
    Vincent Castet
    Affiliation Officer
  • Eperflex allows us to contact by email up to 40% of our particular internet users.
    This is a real plus to reduce the dropout rate and boost the turnover of our websites.
    Alphonse Blum
    Ecommerce Manager
  • As an e-commerce website we place great importance on the customer journey on our website. It therefore seemed obvious to us to integrate an email retargeting solution into our marketing strategy.
    Eperflex quickly helped us to define different recovery scenarios and to adapt our speech to the progress made by the customer on our website.
    The professionalism of the team, the figures achieved since the launch of the campaigns and the quality of the service make Eperflex the ideal solution for our activity.
    Pauline Elger
    Marketing Manager France

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