Account Manager

A single point of contact dedicated to your success, for a premium service

A unique interlocutor dedicated to your success

In charge of implementing the tools and services

Monitoring and analysis

Campaigns are tracked
and analyzed daily


Receive your reports
weekly or monthly


Custom graphic
and technical integration

Establishment of AB tests

Split the traffic of a scenario in order to keep only the best configuration

Access to Campaign KPIs

Analyze the performance of your campaign easily

Premium Service

A tailor-made support for more efficiency

Set up your campaigns simply and quickly with Eperflex!

Get a quick and easy start!
Set up your campaign in a few steps.

  • Signature of the insertion order

    Negotiation of the pricing, elaboration of the need, choice of the type of campaign ...
  • Activation of the campaign

    Assignment of a dedicated Account Manager, set-up of the tagging plan, integration and audit of the product flow, creation of the models by our graphic studio, review of the proofs for validation
  • Performance monitoring

    Number of emails sent, opening rate, click rate, conversion rate...

AB test your campaign

Set up an AB test by splitting the traffic of a scenario to compare the performance of 2, 3 or 4 kits, in order to keep only the best one

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